7 Reasons to Travel with Your Best Friends

7 Reasons to Travel with Your Best Friends

For some people, having a companion when traveling is the best idea. With a travel buddy, you will have someone to share the moment with but sometimes; a travel buddy can ruin your adventures because your personalities and interests don’t go well together.

To avoid this awkward conflict, it’s a great idea to have your best friends as travel buddies. Majority of traveling buddies are actually best friends before they set on a journey. While some may say that traveling together can ruin a relationship, there is no doubt that your own best friend or best friends are the best people to travel with.

Want to know why? Here are just some of the reasons:

You will know each other more than ever

You know what they’re passionate about as well as what they disdain. You understand the weak and the strong points of their personalities, but despite all of these, there’s still beauty in discovering how your best friends react to situations or feel about something when you’re travelling together — especially in places that you all haven’t visited before.

You will look after one another

In heated arguments with bus drivers, nasty tourists and other people you meet along the way, you will realize that your best friends will be there for you. Also, they have the tendency to know you, your personality and your needs, so they can instinctively suggest activities that will veer you away from negative situations before they happen.

You will have shared memories to cherish in the future

Together, you will experience fun-filled activities, meet strangers along the way, get lost in alleyways, explore great food and drinks, and even run away from dangerous situations. Whenever you travel together, you create pleasant, fun memories that you can look back when you all get older.
Even with awkward situations like getting scolded in a museum for being noisy or having to crawl under a fence to watch something beautiful in a restricted area, you will all just laughs with each other when you recall them later on. In the first place, nothing beats creating memories from your travels together.

You can do whatever you want

You can be yourself because you’re essentially with your best friends who understand you and won’t generally mind your habits. Unlike going solo or being part of a group tour, you don’t have to pretend or to hide your real safe in fear that you’ll offend others.

You won’t have problems deciding where to go

You have a lot of similarities in terms of passion that’s why they are your best friends, right? This becomes a great advantage when travelling because it won’t take long to decide where to go next.

You can be a group of friends who love anything historical; therefore your itinerary involves visiting quaint villages or museums. Or you can be foodies or party animals; thus, your activities will all revolve around what you mutually love to do. Well, you can even “do nothing” together as long as you’re in each other’s company.

You can essentially save on many things without sacrificing enjoyment

Because you’re dividing the expenses with your best buds, you will get to enjoy food, drinks and activities that would have been too expensive when you’re going solo or too awkward to share with strangers in a tour group. With friends, you can enjoy a food trip because you can order various types of local dishes without the guilt of not finishing a whole dish you paid for at a high price. You also get to stay in a bigger, cozier room without having to pay 100% of the rate.

You can obviously enjoy more activities than when you’re travelling solo

There are just some adventures that are meant to be enjoyed by at least two people — walking on a hanging glass bridge, scuba diving or snorkeling, island hopping and Ferris wheel riding to name a few. Besides, who will you ask to take photos of you enjoying these great moments? Or who will want to capture your moment of fear but your best friends?

You did quite plenty of things together with your best buddies; now why not bring it to another level by traveling together? Aren’t these reasons enough to pack your bags and travel with your best pals? So what are you waiting for? Book those flights and accommodation with your friends at once, and create great travel moments together today.


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