Banff Snowdays: Add Excitement to Your Winter Days

Banff Snowdays: Add Excitement to Your Winter Days

Winter doesn’t have to be gloomy and cold. You surely know the various winter sports and activites to bit the winter blues, or various destinations with their own unique winter attractions.

If you happen to be in Canada or planning to spend the holidays in the country, check out Banff Snowdays and you will experience the joy with snow!

Come to Canada at any time from January 8 to February 9 and celebrate the season with the annual SnowDays at Banff National Park! If money and time isn’t an issue, why not stay for the whole month instead?

Canada’s Winter Wonderland

SnowDays is essentially Banff’s historic way to celebrate and embrace winter. There are a variety of activities in the middle of the week and in the weekends as well. You can attend most of these for free, and you get to enjoy cultural and historical shows that let you know more about the area.

Of course, there are stunning winter actions, too! All these activities are so awesome that you’ll wish winter would be forever or at least lasts a little longer than usual.

This Banff winter celebration is for everyone, regardless of age and personality. If you’re craving for an adventure, the range of ski and rail events will surely be adrenaline-pumping experiences for you. Don’t miss out the newest Big Bear event to begin this 2016.

If you are more of a laidback traveler, the hot springs and crackling fires will surely be a delight. Why not check out the ice carving demonstrations, especially the popular Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise?

If you’re the type of person who loves to seek cultural knowledge, staying in Banff will let you experience old traditions that will provide you with a memorable holiday experience. There are also many museums to visit, including the Cave and Basin National Historic site and the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

There are a wide variety of activities throughout the month and both old and young alike can cherish them. Thus, this celebration is great for singles and even for couples with children.

There’s also something for the nature lovers. Banff National Park is essentially the first national park in Canada that started the National Park system. Even with the towns and highways, the area still consists of around 93% of wilderness untouched by civilization. The fresh mountain air will surely be a pleasure, too.

It will be best if you don’t miss out the Opening Weekend, as there will be lots of activities. Firstly, there’s the Kick-Off Street Party where roads will be closed to make way for the live entertainment that everybody can enjoy. Secondly, you also experience many winter games that are so Canadian such as geocaching, snowshoeing and even dogsledding.
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Picking out your accommodation

The national park is home to three world-renowned ski and snowboard resorts. The Sunshine Village is where you can clearly see British Colombia when you’re on the peak. Ski Norquay is closest to the Banff town and is more popular with the locals. It has the lowest altitude among the three resorts, and thus, has the shortest winter season. Lake Louise Mountain Resort is the busiest area because it’s more popular with tourists, thanks to the world cup ski events held for men and women.

Being a touristy place, the town of Banff offers a variety of accommodation options to suit any budget. Whether you’re looking for affordable hostels to save more money or you’re looking for a fabulous hotel with a great view and fine dining options, the ideal establishment is just available in and around Banff.

Finding foods and drinks aren’t a problem, too. There are various fast-food establishments, fine dining restaurants and pubs in and around the Banff National Park. And of course, there are also steakhouses, considering the area is part of Alberta.

So what are you waiting for? SnowDays is coming and if you haven’t booked your trip to Canada yet, you must do so because establishments really get fully-booked during the festival.


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