Choosing the Right Food and Staying Healthy While Traveling

Choosing the Right Food and Staying Healthy While Traveling

Food is one of the most interesting and diverse things that travelers come across. While it is easy to categorize food based on region, only those who actually get to different places will realize just how minor the similarities can be.

Mediterranean, Chinese, American, Continental, Indian, and Japanese are among the different popular cuisines out there, but if, for example, you are exploring a relatively large country, like India, every single region have their own flavors and styles. You may or may not like the food you come across, and some foods may not agree with your body and there are chances of you falling ill.

Here are a few ways in which you can avoid falling sick or worse, contract food related poisoning.

Eat natural
Unless you have specific allergies, fruits and vegetables – especially raw and fresh – are safe. Apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, and other such popular fruits are easily available in most countries.

Most diseases that travelers are prone to are water borne, so be wary of where you get your water. Even if it seems like fun or something that locals do, avoid drinking from streams or rivers and lakes without boiling or cleaning in some way. Ice, especially in stalls making juice, is better off avoided. Bottled water from name brands are normally safe or at least free of most germs and infections.

Shell fish and seafood
When cooked and prepared well, seafood can be delightful, but in many tropical places, the preparation may call for raw, or sometimes undercooked fish. You may want to give them a pass unless you have eaten the dish before. Many countries do not have strict food and safety regulations, so even restaurant food may not be completely safe.

If you are sensitive to spice, or if you are a person who has not eaten spicy food all your life, suddenly ingesting lots of spices can shock your system. Heartburns and gastric disorders is likely to follow. Eat spicy, but take it easy.

Street food
Heralded as the real food of the people, make sure the place is relatively clean and prepared hot in front of you. If you find it too dirty or dusty, keep walking.

The article is not meant or designed to feed on fear, it is, rather, intended to be a cautionary one. Falling sick, even if it is a simple upset stomach has the potential of completely ruining a fun trip.


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