Why You Should Go Through a Digital Detox When Travelling

Why You Should Go Through a Digital Detox When Travelling

When some airlines across the world started offering internet connectivity, there was a vocal minority of folks who were connected almost throughout the day protested as they cherished the moments in the air when they were offline and not reachable by mail, calls and messages. For some of the travellers, this peaceful and quiet time was one of the more enjoyable moments during long and difficult business trips.

The fact that so many people express delight in spending their time away from social media and devices by posting on social media is ironical. It is an indicator that the increasingly popular digital free travel plans might have something to them.

Why go for a digital detox on your trip?

Travelling is in many ways the best time for avoiding all kinds of digital stimulation. Whether it’s a cross country trip or a remote island, you are out and about in a new environment and are less likely to be distracted or bored to keep checking your phones every five minutes.

If you are not entirely convinced, here are a few reasons to do it:

• Be peaceful – Your breathing gets deeper and you are more relaxed when your phone or tablet is not buzzing constantly. Winding down is the best way to enjoy your time and make the most of your travel plans.

• Think more – Try taking a small walk without your phone in your hand. You look at the surroundings, find the solutions to a lot of problems you think you had, brainstorm your adventures and even make new friends offline. Travelling is the best time to enjoy the moment, take in the surroundings and come up with plans at the spur of the moment.

• Connect with people around you – Most of the time, people use their phones as an excuse to avoid talking to people. But without the option, you are forced to make conversation with other people. This is a very rewarding experience when you travel as you get to meet and talk to people far removed from your way of life.

• No multitasking – If you have your phone in your hand, you are usually trying to do more than one thing at a time. When you put your phone aside, you concentrate more on the task that needs to be done. You accomplish more, enjoy it better and usually get better results than when you don’t multitask. When making cross country trips, you might not be able to put the phone aside for everything. After all, maps help you navigate the terrain. But keeping your phone use to an absolute minimum will ensure that you immerse yourself in your travel plans and activities whole heartedly.


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