Hotel Myosen – Myoko. Japan home for Ski-Resorts

Hotel Myosen – Myoko. Japan home for Ski-Resorts

If you are interested in visiting an exceptional yet relatively unknown ski resort in Japan then why not visit Akakura, Myoko. Nestled right next to the famous Mount Myoko, this town is one of the oldest ski villages in Japan, around 1 hour from Nagano. The mountain receives up to 16 metres of dry powder snow annually making it one of the most heavily snowed areas in Japan.

The mountain is home to five separate ski resorts; Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko, Suginohara, Ikenotaira and Seki Onsen. The facilities and equipment of all of these resorts are up to the standard that is expected of Japanese ski resorts and English speaking ski schools and guides are available. Two of these resorts (Akakura Onsen and Akakura Kanko) are within walking distance of the town and the remaining three are serviced by a regular shuttle bus that travels between the resorts. These resorts are some of the very few resorts in Japan that allow for off-piste skiing (which is typically banned in Japan) which allows guests to experience the true awesomeness of deep powder skiing. Unlike Niseko and Hakuba, this area has not been overrun by foreigners and as such you were not find yourself queuing for a seat on a chairlift or gondola and will regularly have whole runs to yourself, especially on weekdays.

Hotel Myosen

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Another benefit is that the area has retained a traditional Japanese atmosphere. The majority of hotels in the town offer a traditional Japanese style accommodation and in house onsen bathing (natural hot spring) is standard. An excellent example of this accommodation in Akakura is Hotel Myosen. Situated right in the heart of town and only a few minutes walk from the ski lifts, this hotel provides guests with a genuine Japanese experience. Guests sleep on futon bedding on tatami flooring and bath in authentic natural onsens (separate male and female). The hotel offers traditional Japanese dinner, cooked by an in house chef with over 25 years experience. You need not worry yourself with the language barrier as the hotel owners are fluent English speakers and can assist you with any of your requests.

So, if you want to experience great Japanese skiing in deep powder snow without the crowds, you might want to explore Akakura, Myoko.

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