Plan Ahead and Get the Cheapest Flights

Plan Ahead and Get the Cheapest Flights

If you have decided on your travel plans, the next thing to do would be to book your flight tickets and accommodation. One of the first things that people tend to do is go online and check the cost of the airfare to see if they can afford the trip. Although the excitement of booking the flight is irresistible, a lot of the people suspect that there is a better time to research and decide. There is, and it is usually a very specific day. Follow these tips and get the cheapest flights:

1. Book way in advance – A recent study found that Asia is the region where advance purchase of your flight ticket is most optimal. The cheapest airfares were found an astonishing 318 days in advance to the date of journey. If you miss that or are not able to decide so early, there’s another spot 3 to 4 months before the date of the journey. Even so, if you want to save money on the flights and use it for the accommodation instead, it is best to start planning ahead. However, in some cases airline companies do not apply discounts in advance. So it’s best to check it as it differs from airline to airline.

2. Seasonality – Another important factor that determines the price of your flight ticket is the season in which you are travelling. Summer and holiday fares tend to be more than other seasons as they tend to fill up more quickly. So if you have made travel plans for the summer, it is better to start booking early. If you are travelling off-season, you can afford to hold out longer than usual on both your travel and accommodation.

3. Know when to buy – A website like can help you decide when to make the purchase. It predicts the fares for most cities. Just enter your itinerary and the site will tell you whether to book now or to wait for later, depending on the expected rise or fall of the airfare. It also shows you a graph of the fare that lets you see whether it is headed in the downward or upward direction. Alternatively, you can go to to search and compare hotels and flights.

4. Keep your searches secret – You might have noticed that flight prices change after you’ve checked them out a few times in your browser. Based on the cookies in your web browser, flight prices do tend to increase whenever a given route is searched repeatedly, as the site wants to scare the user into booking faster. Use private browsing or incognito mode to see the cheapest prices.


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