The best Exotic vacations spots in Asia you’ll never want to miss

The best Exotic vacations spots in Asia you’ll never want to miss

There is a famous adage, Life’s a beach and that’s where the sheer beauty of Asia actually steps in. After a careful research, this article aims to uncover the most exotic vacations spots in Asia. All you have to do is to choose which actually cover your needs. Let’s get it on- the finest exotic spots in Asia!

Lombok, Bali

bali lombok vacations
Lombok is known for its secluded and virgin coast line that rewards tourist with a spectacular view of the rich palm coves and jaw-dropping cliffs. There are also impressive Balinese Hindu temples that you would never see in other places. If you are fond of surf, Lombok gets you covered. Pay a visit to the center of the exotic island and you would be amazed with the captivating Gunang Rinjani which offers a majestic view of the hardy trekker. The greatest draw that you can expect in Lombok is diving in the amazing Gili Islands.
This place renders you an unforgettable experience as the depth of the ocean teems with coral reefs. Also, bungalows and marked party vibes can make your vacation perfect. If you are yearning for a laidback spots in Asia, Lombok, Bali is surely one of the best places you would never want to miss out.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

sihanoukville cambodia vacations
Looking for a perfect Cambodian exotic beach hideaway? If so, Sihanoukville is the best answered prayer for you. Recently, it has been well documented by New York Times which surely means that it would surely grow. It is a paradise full that is replete with white beaches, juggled mountains and crystal clear blue water. You can also wander in the laidback town center. There’s so much to discover in this exotic vacations spot in Asia.
The most remarkable coast line is Ochheuteal Beach. It offers lots of impressive views both of the tall mountains and clear ocean. In spite of the sleepy features, it can also get crowded so you might want to search for rooms that are much more private and quitter.

Ko Tarutao National Marine Park, Thailand

ko tarutaot thailand vacations
If you are considering Thailand for your next vacation destination, you can now come up with your itinerary in Ko Tarutao National Marine Park. This is surely one of the best exotic vacation spots in Asia known for its untouched beauty. Also, it is one of the quietest hideaways that are net unveiled to the crowd.
If you are looking for the most pristine are Ko Adang and Ko Tarutao, what would be more ideal than experiencing an unforgettable camping in this beautiful wild. The panoramic and unspoiled scenery would surely get you amazed like you’ve never felt before.

Ko Lanta, Thailand

Ko-Lanta vacations
If you are ready for a one of a kind beach experience, brace yourself as you satisfy your craving for fun and excitement with the astonishing beauty of Ko Lanta in Thailand. This exotic gem has been spared from any development from the Muslim and Thai communities who do not want to have this paradise turned into high end resort.
Aside from the amazing views, there are lots of lodging and eating place that you can choose from. If you are worn down by the travel, why not rest yourself in a comfortable boutique hotel or bungalow while admiring the views of the pristine waves. For those who are yearning for a laidback life, you can find what you want as you go to Mango House, located in Lanta’s Old Town.

Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

pulau tioman vacations
Crystal clear rivers are waiting for you at Pulau Tioman in Malaysia. It is a group of friendly Malaysian community along with one of kind beaches that you can never find elsewhere. One of the best parts here is that there is no need to experience any hassles in wandering past and getting into this topical paradise.
If you are looking forward to experiencing an exciting vacation in this exotic spot, you might want to rave on the out-of-the-way of Bagus Place Resort that renders a wide arrange of private bungalows that have been specially built in order to conform to the natural beauty of the place. You can make the day great by exploring coastal views and diving to the coral reefs in order to amaze yourself with sharks, sea turtles and numerous fish.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

phu-quoc vietnam vacations
Another exotic destination in Asia that you can consider Phu Quoc Island located off the coast line of Vietnam. It comes with admirable wind sand beaches that perfectly blend with its quiet and peaceful aura. If you are looking for a perfect place to relax, this place would surely surpass your expectation. The place also boasts the best untouched coral reefs that are ideal for those who are looking for a newer height of fun and exciting scuba excursion or snorkelling tours.
If you prefer a more private way to enjoy snorkelling, fishing and swimming, get on a boat trip to An Thoi Islands and brace yourself to a great vacation experience.

Palawan, Philippines

palawan vacations
Palawan is known for its natural forests and beaches. If you are after an unbeaten vacation experience, Palawan can surely be the best for you. This is one of the last preserved natural parks of the country. Not only you will enjoy next to none accommodation services, but you would also be amazed with lots of foods and access to stunning beaches that always mean highly esteemed reviews by many tourists.
Maintaining the distinctive ecosystem of Palawan is one of the limelight of the Philippines’s adherence to preserving natural gems of the country. For a complete exotic vacation experience, choose Philippines and you’ll never look for other place.

There you have it- the best exotic vacation stops that you can find in Asia. Each of these hideaway paradises offers unique experiences and it’s up on you to choose the best spots. Brace yourself with these exotic places and you are good to go for the best vacation experience ever!

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