Times Square New Year’s Eve – New York

Times Square New Year’s Eve – New York

Every major city in the world seems to have their own one of a kind New Year’s Eve party and celebration. From Paris to Tokyo, cities have their own way of meeting the New Year and bidding goodbye to the current year with a bang but nothing compared to New Year’s Eve celebration in New York.

Doesn’t even come as a surprise? New York City, the most beautiful and stunning concrete jungle in the world, America’s pride and home to the most culturally-diverse community. In fact, New York started this extravaganza on ringing the New Year.

This posh celebration dates back in 1904, when owners of One Times Square hosted New Year’s Eve celebrations on rooftops. Three years later, on 1907, the tradition of dropping a sparkling ball as part of the 60-second countdown began.

Manhattan’s Best Winter Attraction

New York City has plenty of events to welcome the New Year but all attention goes to Times Square – the heart of New York City. It doesn’t need any introduction that millions of people flock to Times Square to be a part of a history – the welcome another year. Meanwhile, billions of people all over the world tune in to their televisions to witness and watch New Year’s Eve at Times Square New York.

Braving the cold winter weather, spectators simply don’t care with all the festivities and attraction leading to the countdown. Times Square’s New Year’s Eve party is star-studded; in fact, it is great honor among stars, celebrities, and artists to take part in the celebration.

The event unfolds at Broadway 40th and 53rd Streets and starts are early as 3pm. Balloons, confetti and the amazing pyrotechnic displays with the numeral of the year serves as the highlight of this extravagant occasion.

Anticipated by everybody, joining the New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For those spending their winter holiday in New York, this should be on your travel itinerary.

New Year’s Eve Ball

The most prominent structure of New York’s New Year’s Eve celebration is the ball. In fact, it is a significant part of the whole celebration. The Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball measures 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds. With its geodesic design, it is fitted with 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles and more than 32,000 LED lights. The ball can create various colors and patterns.

The dropping of the ball is the highlight of the party and starts at 11:59pm, leading to a 60-second countdown to midnight. A new year officially starts as the ball is finally dropped.

Dropping the ball dates back in 1907, almost the same as the event itself. Thus, this is a major tradition that New Yorkers cherish so much. The ball is a major part that it has become synonymous with New York’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

The original ball only measures 5 feet in diameter and weighs 700 pounds. The materials were iron and wood and 25-watt light bulbs were used. Today, New York’s New Year Eve Ball is an all year-round attraction, marking the impact of New Year’s Eve celebration to New York as a tourist destination.

Countdown to the New Year

Broadway 40th and 53rd Streets will be closed to traffic at 3 pm. The whole area is divided into different viewing sections with some respective stages, mostly courtesy of a major sponsor. As spectators starts to come, each is lead to a viewing section by event marshal, when one section is full, the next set of spectators are lead to another viewing section.

It is until 6pm that the program officially starts, so try to anticipate what you will be doing within the 3-hour interval. Just like any major event, no one seems to care as it is a great privilege to witness New Year at Times Square.

With opening ceremonies along with some performances, the lightning and the raising of the ball starts. By 6:20pm, balloons, New Year’s hats, scarves, mittens, and other swags and freebies are distributed to the crowd with most of them from the event’s sponsors.

By 7pm, the countdown officially starts with leading media personalities covering the event. In between are various performances from top artists as well as appearances from famous celebrities. This is one of the reasons why Time Square’s New Year celebration continues to magnetize massive crowd year are year.

By 11:59, the ball is lowered and starts the 60-second countdown. As soon as the ball is dropped, it signals the New Year with the most amazing pyrotechnic display, confetti, and balloons. Couples also start the tradition of New Year’s Eve kiss.

Ringing the New Year at Times Square

Looking forward to join the crowd for this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square? Broadway 40th and 53rd Street is highly accessible by taking the train. Here are some tips for you to comfortably enjoy the celebration :

— Take public transport. With busy streets, anticipate some walking, as it is hard to hail a cab by this time.

— Visit the restroom ahead of time. Once you are inside the viewing section, there is no toilet break allowed. Thus, empty your bladder ahead of time and limit your liquid intake.

— Fuel Up. You need to be there by 3pm, some earlier to get the best viewing section closer to the stage. From the freezing cold, fuel up by eating meals and have some energy giving snacks in handy like nuts.

— Bundle up. During this time, New York hits the lowest temperature that even with the crowd, it is still cold.

— Leave you bag. The event is strictly no bags allowed for security purposes. Leave it at home or in your hotel.

Be a part of one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve celebration. Times Square is just the start, enjoy music, parties, drinks and various concerts all over the city! It is the grandest and merriest with plenty of after-parties you can join and enjoy while in New York!


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