Try the Local Brews and Beers While Travelling

Try the Local Brews and Beers While Travelling

When you are travelling cross country, you should make it a point to try out the local food and brews. With enough practice, you can even hone your methods of finding the best drinks when you travel. Here are some of the best tips to discover fantastic local brews wherever you go:

1. Do Research – The first point of your trip planning should be to go through the bar and restaurant menus to check what’s available on tap and whether the place you are looking at has a focus on locally brewed drinks. Craft brewery tastings are always both fun and educational, although many of the smaller breweries offer public tastings only on Saturdays, which is not very helpful if you are going to be in town on a Thursday night. Sites like BeerAdvocate and RateBeer are great resources to find listings for places that offer a range of local beers. The app Untappd can be used to search for beers, bars and breweries nearby.

2. Smaller Pours – If you are in town only for a little while on your travels, and want to try everything local that you can lay your hands on, it’s difficult chugging down drinks every time you want to taste. Good breweries and brewpubs serve tasting flights and smaller pours to showcase their brews without making you tipsy.

3. Have a seat at the bar – Talk to the people at the bar – you server, the bartender and other people – and ask them about their favourite city haunts. Often times, you find out something great that you would have never known on your own. Sitting at the bar makes it easier to talk to people than leaning across your table to ask questions.

4. Find an accommodation nearby – If you are looking to taste the best of the local food and drinks on your cross country trip, book a hotel in the neighbourhood that has the highest concentration of breweries, bars and restaurants. Transportation can be a problem and it’s easier to bunk nearby. Sometimes, you might be restricted in your choice to chain hotels, but if you look around, you will find the smaller venues.

5. Take it back home – If you are travelling by road, you can leave room in your car for drinks. Brewpubs tend to sell large bottles and six packs of their own brews. The local shops, however, let you pick from a wide variety of local offerings. Some of the places even let you mix and match your own six-pack so that you can go home and sample the drinks you’ve not had a chance to try.


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