What is Culinary Tourism?

What is Culinary Tourism?

Tourism is an enriching experience. The wondrous sights, people and cultures we come across as we travel through various lands leaves us with a better idea of what our world has to offer. There are some among us, however, whose travel plans are slightly different from the rest. Most people will travel for sightseeing or to experience new cultures, but some will take unusual trips to experience new foods!

Travel for food

Culinary tourism is the term given to the pursuit of a memorable and unique eating experience that takes you beyond your immediate neighborhood. Although you may travel just a few miles to experience great food, it is always better to travel farther and to enjoy a much broader range of food and drink experiences.

International potential

Every tourist will be eating around three times in a day, making food and drinks a very important part of travel plans regardless of the intention of the trip. In fact, the quality of food is seen to be a deciding factor that is almost as important as scenery, accommodation, and climate for tourists. The tourism industry, in many countries across the globe, has taken note of this preference and has been making efforts to develop and promote the local cuisine to attract tourists.

Places of interest

Certain cities are more prominent amongst culinary tourists than others. Such places are generally home to diverse cultures and a rich history to go with the food. Destinations like Tokyo in Japan, Rome in Italy, Paris in France are some of the most well-known food destinations of the world. Other interesting places include Hanoi in Vietnam, Barcelona in Spain, Marrakech in Morocco, Istanbul in Turkey, and Cape Town in Africa. The success of these regions is a result of not just excellent local culinary talent but also because of the product development and food tourism promotion efforts.

There are many international places you can visit for exploring different types of foods and drinks, even traveling beyond the locality can sometimes reveal excellent food. The most important thing is to be adventurous enough to go out of your own comfort zone and discover what lies beyond. Visiting new restaurants, tasting new foods and experimenting with ingredients that you have never had before is the true essence of culinary tourism and you can experience it only by getting out there and exploring it yourself!


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